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Balneário Camboriú
Balneário Camboriú is a municipality in the Foz do Rio Itajaí Metropolitan Region, a city located on the north coast of Santa Catarina, 80 km from the capital Florianópolis, with about 110 thousand inhabitants, but during the summer season this number can reach one million people.
It is one of the most visited destinations in Brazil, in search of its natural charms, of being famous, for rest, or just to get away from the routine.
Of note is the presence in March and April of many tourists from Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.
Besides the paradisiacal look, the set of attractions offers a lot of entertainment for all tastes and ages. There are hundreds of bars with live music, restaurants of all kinds, breweries, shopping centers and more.
Also worthy of mention are the schooner tours along the central border, around the Island of Cabras, which descends on the charming beach of Laranjeiras; the helicopter, which convey an unparalleled sense of freedom; the walks and nautical amusements are other attractions not to be missed. Walks in the amusement parks and in water parks, also contribute to make the moments of leisure in Balneário Camboriú even more fun.
The Unipraias Park may seem only a means of transport to Laranjeiras Beach. However, whoever opts for the tour is dazzled by the landscapes of the ocean, the Atlantic Forest and the city. The leisure complex unites by means of 47 mini-bus three of the most beautiful natural points of Balneário Camboriú: Barra Sul, Morro da Aguada and Praia de Laranjeiras.
The Panoramic Tourist Complex Cristo Luz is another attraction of the city not to be missed. Located at the top of Morro da Cruz, in Bairro das Nações, the Christ is 33 meters high and from there it is possible to have a cinematic view of the Central beach. Schooner tours and helicopters are also good leisure options for those who want to get to know the city from every angle.
For those looking for gastronomic diversity, Balneário Camboriu is an excellent destination. With a wide variety of restaurants and bars, the city offers its inhabitants and tourists ample dining options. Establishments open for a good part of the day and night provide tourists with a great facility to enjoy a good meal. In Balneário Camboriu we can find establishments of various cuisines such as: Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Gaucho, Minas and etc. The city also stands out for the number of restaurants offering seafood, one of the most sought after specialties by tourists.
The temperature of the sea water for this region of Balneario Camboriu ranges from 16 ° C degrees on average (in the winter) to 24 ° C on average (in the summer), for autumn and spring around 21 ° C. The hottest months are February and March.
In the summer, although hot, with a thermal sensation reaching up to 40 ° C, but its temperature hardly exceeds 33 ° C, averaging a summer temperature in the city approximately 25 ° C.
In winter, the climate changes completely, as large masses of polar air arrive in the city, changing the climate on most cloudy days and with the average temperature not exceeding 14ºC. In the cooler dawn, temperatures between zero and four degrees Celsius can be observed.
The average rainfall in the city is 1,500 mm, there being no dry season.
Official language
Documentation required
The tourist visa will be granted to foreigners who travel to Brazil in a recreational or visiting nature, with no intention to immigrate or intend to exercise paid activity.

Tourist visas will also be awarded in the case of artistic competitions and sports competitions in which there are no ticket collection, nor remuneration paid by Brazilian source, as well as in the case of unpaid participants of congresses, conferences and seminars.


Passport, valid for six months or more;
Proof of means of subsistence (bank account statement or document proving the possession of financial resources, at the discretion of the consular authority);
Proof of reservation with date of entry and exit of the Brazilian territory or travel ticket;
1 Recent photograph, 5x7 size or pass type, white and dated background;
1 Form "Application for Visa" duly completed and signed;
Unaccompanied minors, or in the company of one of the parents: authorization is required from both parents to issue a visa, in the first case, or from the non-traveling parent, in the second, with the signatures duly recognized in Public notary.

The Consulate General of Brazil reserves the right to request any other document that it deems necessary, in addition to those already enumerated above.
Health care
The yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for those who have traveled in the ninety days prior to travel to Brazil, for: Angola, Bolivia, Benin, Burkina, Cameroon, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, French Guiana , Gabon, Ghana, The Gambia, Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Venezuela.

Immunization against yellow fever is advised for those who intend to travel to certain Brazilian cities and vaccination is required for others.
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