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Praia do Francês
Praia do Francês is situated 18 km from Maceió and is located in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro, in the state of Alagoas. It is a beautiful beach with a natural cove, a preserved restinga vegetation and excellent waves for surfing.
The local population claims that the beach has this name due to the fact that in the time of Colonial Brazil the zone was one of the places frequented by French smugglers.
Region inhabited by Indians Caetés in the time of colonization, the natural inhabitants of Pindorama, the Land of Palms.
Due to its strategic natural cove, the beach served as a port for pirate ships, initially French, that exploited the plains of Brazil abundant in the vast Atlantic Forest of the colonial period.
Some conflicts existed between Indians and invaders, later between French, Dutch and Portuguese in disputes for goods and territories.
Praia do Francês is one of the most famous beaches in Alagoas.
The left corner of the beach has infrastructure with bars, restaurants, natural pools and calm waves, as it is protected by the reefs.
The opposite side is more wild, with strong waves, which is why it is sought after by surfers, and for surfing championships.
Its waters range from turquoise to dark green and the sand is clear and fluffy. Among the many attractions, ultra-light flights, banana boat, boat and jet-skis, as well as various craft shops are available.
Alagoas gastronomy seduces the palate of visitors. They are dishes made with various ingredients and the most noble seafood. The restaurants offer a diverse menu with regional and international cuisine.
The gastronomic service is of quality, it offers menus with products of the sea, the rivers and lagoons. The sururu, for example, found in ponds, is a mollusk prepared on the basis of the ingredient of the land: coconut milk.
The coconut tree is present throughout the state, decorating the coast of Alagoas and providing Alagoas and visitors with shade and fresh water. Chilled coconut water is a delight. From the fruit of the coconut the milk is extracted to enhance the flavor of the dishes based on shellfish and also for the manufacture of sweets and cocadas, delicious desserts of Alagoas cuisine.
The climate is tropical, in Praia do Francês, and there are no significant rainfall during most months of the year.
There is only one dry season short and not very effective.
 The average annual temperature is 25 ° C.
In terms of precipitation, average annual values ​​of 1687 millimeters are recorded.
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