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Touristic Routes

15 days (the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany) 8 countries

Centro histórico de Praga For those who plan to take a maximum of two weeks and know the capital of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and a total of 8 countries can follow our script.
This trip was made in July 2014 In addition to the capital (Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana) also visited other places (Plitvice Park, Tyrol) and cities (Dubrovnick, Innsbruck).
A total of 4500km.

Why is initiated by Prague and not by any other city ?. The rental car is much cheaper and flights once I left Lisbon were also cheaper

Recommend you take a good GPS with updated maps of Europe, I use Garmin Nuvi tells me that accurately routes, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, restaurantsAndtc. Everything you need for a peaceful trip.

c hegada Praga , Capital of the Czech Republic, had already done before renting the car, just a simple car because the roads are very good, I rented a corsa that cost me 275 euros for 2 weeks with unlimited KM and all insurance included ( can book your car here ). The car rental companies are C2 in the park in front of the arrivals terminal 1 Normally the flights arrive at Terminal 2.
If leaving the car from the Czech Republic, should notify the moment that lifts the car for you to have coverage for other countries, will pay another 45 euro fee, but it is advisable.


Visiting Prague
Do not forget that although the Czech Republic already part of the European Community, is not yet part of the single currency, so I recommend to raise money at the airport upon arrival, because if you pay in Euros will lose in the exchange.
Prague is a city that visit very well in two days, unless you want to attend concerts and visit most of the museums, because if you really want to get an idea and take pictures of the most interesting points even just two days. The option to book hotel in the center only helps for those who have mobility itself, because rented car forget to stay downtown because there will be nowhere to park.
Already now advise to check and where you park the car, has two plates that need your attention (Book - You can not park) and one with a watch type, this site can park but do not forget to coin and put the ticket on the dashboard of car. (I did not notice, I parked the car in the blue band (Reserve) and when I returned was the only place, the car was towed and had to pay 2100 Krüner (65 euros).
Thus in Prague recommend two hotels I stayed and they really are very good and the price quality ratio is excellent (
Hotel Golf , e Hotel Michael daily with 41 and 45 euros) click on the link to see prices and book as well as GPS location. Both are about 7km from the city center but access is very easy and very good.
The main places to visit are the center of the old town, Charles Bridge, the Castle, and the avenue to the National Museum at the top, everything is within 1km
The traffic in Prague's quiet, no queues and no traffic jams, the weekend is even better.
If you want to know everything that can
click here to visit in Prague and point all coordinates to enter in your GPS.
Eating in Prague :
It was the cities where I found the cheapest prices in areas of high tourist traffic, a meal in Prague right in the historical center and good restaurants are around 15-20 euros per person. In hotels where I have mentioned above and a good meal was around 10 euros.

Video from Prague - - Photos of Prague


Prague to Vienna
I always preferred position the GPS to avoid toll roads and highways since the view is much better and can enjoy the landscapes with more tranquility and stop whenever you want, there are just over 300km on it took me five hours.
Despite having always used secondary roads pavement is very good.


Vienna, Austria
Well here are the options only that many are also more dispersed, or who wants to have good an idea of ​​Vienna and then just two days or so if you want to visit all the tourist places will require one week, I visited everything that I found interesting in day and a half, came to see, photograph and learn the basics. Do not forget that prices in Vienna are already a bit more expensive than in Prague, I was in Ibis Hotel but for 35 euros without breakfast. One of the things I liked is that we Vienna circular drive even the historical areas which facilitates mobility. But you can always opt for the Hop On Hop Off and a visit of the city.
How has GPS information from McDonald's so I opted for the more affordable meals that made the trip were cheaper.
Video Vienna - Photos of Vienna - What to see in Vienna


From Vienna to Bratislava
Before leaving Vienna I doubted it reserved hotel to Bratislava or left to see what they had to visit and then decide. I left Vienna around 11 in the morning and two hours was in Bratislava. When using secondary roads and I can say that is the best option for enjoying more. Are only 67km stops even with just two hours to connect the two cities.




Visiting Bratislava
As they had told me in Prague, Bratislava does not have much to see, at least with the same importance of Prague and Vienna, has Bratislava castle and little else, so thankfully no hotel booked for the afternoon was enough to see the city, see the castle and visit.
Regarding the prices, as I had lunch in the castle presume that is the most expensive restaurant but it was cheap, around 15 euros per person.
Say that Bratislava is a city to visit in a day, has tours that leave daily from Vienna to Bratislava and return the same day, some leave the bus and returning by boat on the Danube river.
For anyone who is visiting Vienna and has time is one of the options I recommend.
Video of Bratislava - Pictures of Bratislava - What to see in Bratislava


From Bratislava to Budapest
As had spoken before visiting Bratislava in a few hours and so I took and followed trip to Budapest because the distance of 200km done in four hours. Despite the pavement already be good if that note is not the same as from Prague to Vienna or Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia is a poorer country but is nonetheless interesting route.
Despite having left Bratislava about 5 pm and have made the road slowly and stopping to photograph, at 9 pm was entering Budapest.



Visiting Budapest
As he had not made the hotel reservation because I did not know where it was going to be sleeping in Bratislava or Budapest, I ended up having to go to the drift and search hotel by GPS, and the decision was then to Budapest ended up choosing the
IBIS Centrum Since he had no internet access in the car, I booked directly over the counter. I ended up paying 79 euros plus 20 euros for parking, had made the routes would have paid 51, but is the price of adventure. Therefore book the hotel here Is very good and very well located.
I recommend this hotel because it is right in the central area, near the river. The street where is located has many restaurants and bars what is comfortable for those who want to have fun without having to walk far.
On the night of arrival took for a walk along the banks of the Danube river and do some photos, I got the feeling that it is even more beautiful in noita that day.
The next day I started the visit to Budapest, most places of interest are near the edge which is easy to make a visit to BUDA and PEST.
Due to the time and had the objective of the trip I ended up staying only one day in Budapest, but I think the ideal would be 3 days.
Here's a list of places to visit in Budapest - Video of Budapest - Photos of Budapest


Budapest to Zagreb

After a marathon of photos in Budapest decided early afternoon then to Zagreb, were 380km and already knew we were going to get to the beginning of the night, but still prefer to follow to stay another night in Budapest and miss a day.
Interesting landscapes road very good secondary and even though we got there the Zagreb without prior we had not been in and out of Slovakia. Entry not noticed because there is no border, but the entry of Croatia had to show passports but did not have to leave the car. As previously knew we were going to stay in Zagreb we booked the hotel for one night, incidentally always'd make reservations only for one night so we can decide if we were a day or more if interested we could not continue their journey. We stayed at
Hotel 1 despite being a hotel a few years is impressive and very good, as with any need for maintenance but nothing to say, one of the important for those traveling by car is qu things and the hotel has parking and it has a lot and and is about 3km from the center.



Honestly was not a city that pleased me very much, except the historic center where it really has a very nice street of bars, there's little more to do,
We visited the old town on the same night we arrived, you could not move car because everything was in the works and walking was not quite what I was please with all photographic and video equipment. So we only tonight and the next day we traveled.




Zagreb to the Natural Park of Plitvice Lakes

For years I wanted to visit this park, to be honest the days before the arrival to the park I was traveling but wishing to reach Plitvice.
Maybe that's why I was not more time in Zagreb, ja itself I saw nothing of interest but not delved too much not to find justification for having to stay another day in Zagreb.
We left early in Zagreb for the Park and once again the GPS chose the path leading us to Plitvica Seal, and here our troubles begin.
Is that Plitvica Seal is really beside one of the entrances to the park but it is not either of the two major, I had read a forum comment from someone who got lost and could not find the hotel and it made me a little warning.
Reaching Plitvica Seal I searched the parking lot that everyone spoke, but did not see any, and how they had noticed a few cars parked on the roadside did the same.
Before leaving the car I was careful to record the location on GPS would not need to know where the car was.
Descend toward the entrance and we were stopping along the harbor where we caught the boat to cross the lake. When I went to buy the ticket asked me if I wanted the ticket for 3km, 8km or 21km, I had wanted to ask if you had not because 300 meters beyond the backpack with the drone still took two more machines to one another photo shoot and what was not giving me much desire to walk the walk and I confess that I am not very fond of walking'm too indulgent.
We caught the boat and it went to the other side of the lake, we arrived behind the staff start our walk 3.7km that would go around the lake. So I caught a good angle understood by the drone to fly because it would have a much better view and the place promised to some beautiful photos. It was difficult because he was always passing people but after a few minutes it went to my first aerial images. After the flight it proceeded on our journey on foot, really should have been about 300 meters, I looked around and saw that he had to give and I decided that was not going to give anything back that I was going back to the boat and go boating for other bank that was just in front of about 300 yards away. And so did we return back to catch the boat to the other side and was much more quiet and less tiring.
I returned to by the drone in the air and made the images I wanted and saw the park in the best angle, so I went walking I saw it all without having to leave the place and still has to make better pictures qu andthe other tourists. Sent me .. enlightened.
Finished 2nd flight we decided to have lunch. Acamos for lunch at the park restaurant (served evil, uneducated, poor food and expensive) but there was no option so everything was excellent.
After lunch it was time to return to the car. We went to the boat and I had the unfortunate idea to ask where were the hotels (because when I saw that was parked near hotels) what the official replied that it was right there on top, it was no more than 15 minutes walk .. WOW I thought, I will not need to walk far. And so, we follow the walk down the road towards such hotels as he showed us, only we had not walked 500 meters and it starts to rain I had nothing to protect me from the rain, Regina had a cover that I took for a the two chambers underneath once the drone was protected in the backpack, just as the rain was such that I also tried to protect me under her cloak, was the error, entering water everywhere. Still protect ourselves in a deserted hotel with other tourists until the rain stopped a bit. Then headed back towards the hotel but when we arrived I did not recognize the road, turned on the GPS to see where the car was and was not really very far just that the more I headed towards the road where the car would presumably further he was on the GPS. Mau I think we're lost, I'll have to get back to the boat and do the whole back instead? No, not having to think up all that climb that I went on foot, we will continue the car is not far away. There we walk toward the GPS will display only for me to come to the car I had the lake in front ... that thing. Want to see the GPS this crazy too? Does rain picked up? and now?
We had already walked over 8km and no sign of the car and no sign that we are walking in the right direction, but it is what the right direction?
Asked but nobody knew me inform boards with information until after there was already a lot of walking and often in the rain one of the park staff helped us and looking at the GPS said ... The car is on that side of the lake !! ! That side of the lake ?? but how? as I walked around the lake have not given so how did I get here? Well there is nothing to do and how I'm going that way I asked? to which he replies, have to go around the lake again ... I do not want to believe, give back? and which side is closer? Looking at me he says "is pretty much the same thing, more or less 10km". It can not be that I did not want to do 300 meters had already done more than 10km walk and the rain was going to have to walk over 10km, was not buying, but what to do? nothing. Walking and fast before the park closes. Traversed the famous 10km over the 14 that had done got to the car and not only did less because at some point I stopped and went to see the GPS and found that it was underneath the car and so the right subidno arrived without having to make 3 more or 4 giving back.
With this adventure and finding that more people lost aconselhor that always have a GPS at hand but always go to one of the car parks to avoid what happened to me.
With all this broke the camera, all the photos you had taken either Zagreb or the park were predidas getting only the images of the drone and phone and photograph from here only with the drone or phone.

Video of the park Plitvicka Jezera - Plitvicka Jezera Park photos


Zadar to Plitvice
After the adventure in the natural park of Plitvice, we were already out by 6pm and had 150km ahead, as had not booked as did not know if we were going to stay in Plitvice, or we were going to continue their journey towards Zadar. All wet from the rain we got.
And once again avoiding motorways to enjoy the scenery. Once again good roads and beautiful landscapes. Peaceful journey
Arrived at Zadar in daylight, which gave to give a look, position ourselves and try to sleep. We stopped along the harbor in a stall selling ecursões to have an idea of ​​what to do the next day and spoke in conversation we were wondering what the hotel very helpful person suggested in a private home of a friend, accept the suggestion and went to see.
Pansion Maria But very very good and only 40 euros including breakfast, internet and parking for the car. That night still went out for dinner in the old town near the harbor. Very beautiful and very good restaurants.


Zadar (Croatia)
Coastal town with beautiful islands and many options for boating. We get up relatively early to go photograph and film the city and the historic center. Our first stop was once again beside the harbor in a small cove where the fishing boats.
The day started badly, one of the helices of the drone fell into the water and it took two hours to get someone to fetch it because it was about 2 feet deep. Finally managed to recover only the propeller that had already lost the morning, angry Dubrovnick decided to leave and not ever done anything in Zadar.


Zadar to Dubrovnik
Beautiful, great, stunning scenery, beautiful coastline are these adjectives to describe me feel like using this precurso.
Are 350km of beaches, beautiful coves, landscapes and mountains, really recommend doing this precurso.
On the journey between Zadar and Dubrovnik, do not forget that will cross the Bosnia and Herzegovina are 10km of Bosnian territory where they will find the border depending on your nationality and need to check whether they need a visa because Bosnia is not yet in the European Community. For members of the European border control is almost nil, nor needed to get out of the car, it was enough to show your passport and then trip and I was using a car with registration of the Czech Republic. A stop for at least one day in Split should do, I did not because the time was not much.

I ended up in Dubrovnik were already 10 pm and how had booked what I thought was a hotel not need to worry, but more worth having me worried because the hotel was not booked that hotel anyway, it was a private house in which the man is that did the cleaning without private bathroom and cleanliness left much to be desired. Had booked for two nights but ended up getting one. Even coming to Dubrovnik ja night still ended up paying a visit to the city to explore the best places to shoot the next day.


It was one of the cities I wanted to visit, perhaps because the pictures he had seen, or perhaps the name that sounded good, but it was a goal I had in mind and did not rest until I came to Dubrovnik by car. Do not disappoint me in any way, the city is really beautiful, has a lot of interesting to visit the old city within the walls of the castle thing is very nice, but it's a place to spend three days later there is much more to do. Visit the city just one day, then another day to do a boat trip and a day to relax on the beach. Dubrovnik is a city guy, has nothing to do with all the other cities I've visited so far on this trip.

Video of Dubrovnik - Pictures of Dubrovnik


The first part of the journey was complete, it was now back to Prague but doing another route.


Dubrovnik to Ljubljana (Slovenia)
The return to Ljubljana done all the motorway in Croatia to get as fast as they were wanted and still reach 750km day.
Just coming to Ljubljana at about 5 pm and our first stop was to visit the Ljubljana Castle. Then went to visit the old town, and go to the hotel. Here we are in
Bit Center Hotel , Very nice, and very good customer service.



Return to Prague via northern Italy, Tyrol, Innsbruck, Salzburg and southern Germany.
The remaining route to Prague was more to enjoy the scenery, crossing the famous mountains of Tyrol, in particular when we were crossing the south of Austria was always doubted whether I was in southern Austria and northern Italy, is that there is no more borders and was a come and go without realizing it, only realized when I was filling the car and when I went to pay I noticed is that it was much more expensive .. was in Italy, gambling could have put a few kilometers before the fuel and would have paid 20 % Less.
The landscapes of Tyrol are really worth visiting, and if you catch good weather with sunshine as we picked up are even more beautiful. Our first stop was on the outskirts of Innsbruck, we were housed in
Hotel Romerhof , Very good but it is more a hotel for the ski season, was virtually empty, but as we went in low season prices are very good.
Next day we visited Innsbruck and continued our journey towards Salzburg, this journey we made a small incursion into the south of Germany.
Finally arrived to Prague after 4500km traveled by 8 countries, with the 10km of Bosnia were actually nine countries.

Cost of this trip:
Cheap flights: 510 euros (2 persons) 255 euros each
Car Rental: 275 euros + 45 euros for international rate
Fuel: 480 euros
Accommodation: 588 Euros (14 nights at an average of 42 euros night)
Meals: 840 euros
So two people 15 days of travel spend 2738 euros. With extras and was unforeseen in 3000 euros. If we had used programs and vacation packages to meet the same places would have been more than EUR 10 000.

Throughout this journey felt complete safety, never felt in any of these places any kind of threat or danger, the roads are very good, did not have much traffic there is much civility on the part of drivers. Whenever we need information or help people were always very friendly and available.



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