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ferias cabo verde ilha da boavista

This year we decided the last hour to know Cape Verde we were a bit afraid but we ended up discovering that it was worth it opted for a resort hotel toureg laughed at is not very long journey four hours after the departure of Lisbon already we were off the plane the climate and African although in January is winter caught 25 degrees on the first day a lot of heat because it feels like a 28 the hotel is a half hour from the airport for those who want an option closer has the Riu Karamboa which is right next to the airport, the arrival and to make the chek in they asked us just to pay the fee to stay on the island 2 euros per person per day, better than in certain countries in which we retained in enterminaveis queues at airports to pay said taxa.em Cape Verde currency official and the Cape Verdean escudo but everywhere euros accept tobacco here and a lot cheaper at the resort for a 3:50 malboro in the capital 2:50 tobacco made in Senegal but until not and bad, the staff was very good large and airy rooms Free safe in the hotel the water must be bottled provided by the hotel every day at the buffet there are several dishes of Cape Verdean cuisine has also three thematic restaurants that have to be marked with atecedencia, employees are super friendly and accessible to help and imformar to visit the island choose to rent a car and driver was even the best option visited places that never would meet alone beach santa monica lindissima the caves of beach small balcony, the island of wilderness with ever senegalezes trying to sell their trinkets just the capital we had sal rei to try the famous lobster was a real small dry disappointment and carassima we were in the lunch came a famous lobster carrregamento same forward our eyes frozen lobster equator ai got a little boring but ultimately worth the experience which cost us 55 euros and come hungry so do not advise the restaurant blu merlin this week on vacation caught every kind of weather very Heat rain storm here and rarao raining in happened in and turns since it usually rains here 2 or 3 times a year.The food and very good in the hotel of course we recommend fish cachupa the tuna and the best I already ate the porridge of very good coconut, and need some care with the sun burn even .Aconselho strongly for those coming to these islands the all inclusive not miss African quality food at least in this concept who are more adventurous wish good luck.

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Posted by:
Celia Serrao
, Cape Verde
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Date 2016-01-14 17:26:03
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