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Attention to your Travel Insurance

Read to the end, is very important for your travels

Most of the time when we go on vacation we usually confident in our travel insurance.

It turns out that travel insurance does not cover you with a sudden illness, and in most countries do not have this coverage will die in hospital door because it will not be watched.

I'm giving this information from experience.

In October 2014 I decided to go on vacation for a glimpse of Africa, my plan was to stay six months, I travel insurance in Portugal and also got an extra level of EUR 25 000 when I came to Africa I familiarize the Internet a safe that could do online and had exceptional coverage, was a rather expensive insurance (about 170 euros month). I ended up making insurance for 2 months to test and because it was the period that would be visiting Mozambique.

I was confident, had the Portuguese insurance, had this new international insurance, had satellite phone, in my point of view was well protected.

Spent the first two months and the international insurance expired on December 4, as it was in South Africa and had the insurance Portugal that was the best I found I had no urge to renew.

It was my mistake, December 13 suffer a stroke and myocardial am assisted emergency in a private clinic because it was for the public service at this time would not be here writing this information.

Then I did the mistake of not having renewed the international insurance if he had not balance and credit limit on credit cards, had not even been seen.

The portuguese safe is travel insurance. as 99% of travel insurance but we do not covering disease and most say it in clauses that does not cover even strokes or heart problems.

So and not to dwell more I draw your attention to the following:

If you travel out of the country do a good insurance, not a travel insurance, check that the insurance covers sudden disease problems whatsoever, check that there is no special clauses.

The most normal thing is to suffer a heart attack or some similar problem and the cost of treatment is very expensive, always above 10 000.

The insurance I found with better and wider coverage is as follows

è a bit pricey, it is, but if you happen something will be more expensive and not have to pay on time the treatment will die in the hospital door.



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Albufeira Portugal

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1. RE: Attention to your Travel Insurance
2015-04-27 : 16:57:53 GMT

Os seguros são bons mas é para receber.....

Rotas Turisticas
Albufeira Portugal

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2. RE: Attention to your Travel Insurance
2015-01-24 : 14:01:21 GMT

Só para acrescentar que o seguro que eu tinha feito em Portugal, e que era o que mais cobertura dava, só pagou 3800 euros (pequena parte da despesa) porque eu tinha feito um seguro suplementar, e mesmo assim até hoje ainda não pagou. Porque na apólice original dizia lá mesmo que não cobria enfarte do miocárdio.

Posted by:
Rotas Turisticas
Albufeira, Portugal
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