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Touristic Routes

Holiday in Mauritius

After 4 hours flight from Johannesburg to Mauritius finally got to the airport Seewoosagur Ramgoolam.
On the plane it was given to us the forms we need to fill to present to border control.
I want to leave here a compliment. Of all the countries I've visited and it is quiet a lot, Mauritius it was where i most admired the police service boundary.

After the passport control, it's time to grab the bags and go on an adventure to discover the beauties of this island.
I had already booked the car for the entire period that would stay on the island because my intention was more to know than to be catching the sun all day on the beach. I'm not going to sleep on vacation, to sleep I stay at home.

As the flight arrived late (19 hours) turned on the GPS and headed to the hotel,  the road is very good and quickly I made the 74 km.

I booked the hotel by the Touristic Routes and chose theOcean Beach Hotel & Spa. Very good, the price quality ratio is excellent, the hotel's private beach is very good for those who just want to stay on the beach is ideal and much better location. Next of all services.

The next day after my arrival I went to explore the island and the first feeling is that iwas in any Caribbean islands. The water color and the look is very

The advantage we have to be on an island is that even if we lose ourselves there will not quit, and it is easy to decide where to go, only have 3 options: Exit the hotel and turn left or right or straight ahead, regardless is the direction we will always reach the sea. I decided to turn right and so began my discovery.

I was stopping at every beach, taking photos and filming until it was time for lunch, my firstsurprise it was that is not so much choice of restaurants and the prices are very high, I believe they have two kinds of price, one for tourists and one for the nationals, because I do not believe they pay those prices. A roadside stall and a sandwich and a few more things and a coke paid almost 30 euros. From what I found out the average salary is around 200 euros per month.

On the first day I visited 40% of the island.
In the following two days I visited the rest. I think that I traveled all roads, went to all the beaches, I have gone through all the cities, towns and villages.
I took over 1,600 photos of which you can see 411 that i have selected, by pressing this link (
Photos Mauritius).
Can also view the videos.
Also selected 22 places (
beaches and other) that I think are interesting to visit.

Useful Information:
The people are predominantly Indian, African and Chinese origin, is a mixture of cultures and religions living together in harmony.

The official language is English, but in certain parts of the island they speak French although most day to day between them they speak Creole.

I felt it is a very safe island, not see or feel any kind of insecurity, people are nice and helpful.

I can not say it is a cheap destination because it is not; alcoholic drinks are quite expensive, oneBeer in a normal restaurant is around 3.5 euros, a meal is never least 20-25 euros per person and this in a basic restaurant, where for the most luxurious then prices rise to over 50 euros if you take wine prices doubled.

The phoenix beer is very good

Driving is done on the left (the English way), driving is very peaceful and quiet, no traffic jams except a little in the capital Port Louis and only during rush hour and still very little, drivers are careful and do not see excesses speed.

Rent car is perhaps the best way to see the island at a lower cost. To know the whole island needs a maximum of 3 days on 3 days have time to know everything and at the same time can stop for bathing on the beaches.
Recommended to have the help of a good GPS, it makes it much easier.

Will find the sugar cane plantations throughout the island since it is the biggest industry of the islandNext to tourism.

Do not forget to check if you need a mains adapter, see the example you need to turn your appliances.

In summary I liked but would not be a place I would return again. I find it interesting to know.
The ideal time for a vacation on the island is 1 week.
I visited in October and although I read the information not be considered the best time for me but I think it is the best season, fewer tourists, less hassle, more affordable. The temperature found very good, neither too hot nor cold.

Do not expect a destination with plenty of entertainment with bars everywhere he has not. All the animation takes place in hotels. Even restaurants do not have many choices, too few to say.

The cuisine is very much based on Indian cuisine, and very very spicy curry. Beef only find in hotels, I have not found in any restaurant.

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