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Touristic Routes

Visit to the Kruger National Park

Before coming to Africa made several queries about what would be the best way to visit the Kruger Park.
The opinions were varied and gave me no confidence that be the best option.
Coming to South Africa decided to analyze everything I had read and seen and make my decision.

So I decided to leave Johannesburg by car without using any packages that offer various travel agents and move towards the border with Mozambique.
We all hear so much about security in Africa were on the back foot when we hit the road at our own risk. But it is a mistake.

The Johannesburg to Komatipoort road is not owing anything to any European road, well signposted, wide and with all safety standards.

I left Johannesburg about the first afternoon and arrived at Komatipoort around 8pm.

I was staying in a nice hotel in Komatipoort Domba Guest Lodge and that's when in conversation with the owner about what I learned is important to know who wants to visit the Kruger Park.

The most important information was the following:

1 - We will get gateway quite early because the lines are too large to enter
2 - If you want to see the animals have to go quite so early because they hide begins to warm up in cool places in the woods and it is difficult to observe.
3 - The maximum speed limit in the park is 50 km / h, but if we want to discover and see the animals befits not pass the 20 km / h because they are often right there along the road but behind the bushes.

Sign in Kruger Park has many options and you never know which one can provide the best opportunities to see the animals.
But according to proprietara the hotel is even better is that along the Mozambique border and at a distance 10 km from Komatipoort. Crocodile Gate.

With this information and also with the script laid lifted at 4:00 am to arrive early at the door.

At 4:45 was coming to Crocodile Gate, and the lady was right. Have you had to queue waiting to enter the time, when the door opened the queue was already really huge. I was the 15th car in line to enter.

After the door about 2km ahead have the entry itself, where we paid the check and where to access the car.

Do not forget:
- You can not take any alcoholic beverage into the park, can not carry weapons for whatever.

Enter the park with own car costs 310 Rands about 22 Euros or 28USD.

Once past the control has several options depending on the track type of car you have.

To me always listened to the most varied and stupid comments. I could not go with a common car that should go in a 4X4 that was not safe, etc etc.

All lies, should not be more secure place within the park, because it guards passing car at all times.

Just goes to unpaved roads because who wants to see the animals is not important because they are everywhere.

One thing is important to consider: CAN NOT LEAVE THE CAR IN ANY SITUATION.

Even having the windows open should be very careful because it can suddenly appear a lion or other feline and it is rather dangerous.

They should not get too close to the elephants should always keep a distance of at least 50 meters and have always geared 1st gear or back to in case you have to leave quickly.

Once you have crossed the park, taken the photos came to Skukuza at about 9:30 am.
When I left Skukuza one hours later no longer saw any more animals because Fizia already very hot.

Already on the return trip since I left the door Paul Kruger ended up staying in a lodge in the small village 20 km from Cork Hazyview.

I can almost say it was the best ride in the park.
The Lodge is right next to the fence that borders the park and along the Sabie River, once I got had a herd of elephants grazing and bathing in the river, later appeared other animals and hippos at night.

The Lodge is very good, and the price is not expensive, about 60 euros per night Sabie River Bush Lodge

Do not forget that suits leave the park before 17 hours to avoid getting there

In short. To visit the park if early and be lucky enough one morning, the costs for the visit in own car are already about 200 euros including 2 nights accommodation, meals and entry to the park.
And this for 1 or 2 people.

The best way is to rent a car, make a visit on your own, stop whenever, wherever, whatever is the time to observe the animals who want and can take your time.

You can see pictures of the Kruger National Park here ( Marloth Park ) ( Skukuza ) ( Komatipoort )

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